All donations go towards SIDS research, and supporting families who are affected by SIDS. In the last 4 generations, the frequency of SIDS has been declining worldwide. This is due to the continuous research and hard work of healthcare professionals, and scientists. We believe that with the proper funding and research, the frequency of SIDS will stay on its path and keep decreasing. Donate to SIDS Calgary to help move research forwards.

SCS uses the money they raise to keep resources afloat, such as the 24 Hour Hotline and the website resources. The rest of it goes to support further research, and organizations supporting families who have lost a child.

SIDS Calgary Society receives donations from generous Canadians to help in funding SIDS research in Alberta. SCS uses some of these proceeds to keep resources running such as the website resources and local events. The rest of the donations go towards SIDS research, how it can be prevented, and uncovering its mystery.