George DalekosVice Chair

    In Aug of 1999 my wife and I lost our baby girl, Calysta Tiana Dalekos to SIDS, which is to say we don’t know why she really died suddenly and unexpectedly (SUDI or SUID).  My wife and I attended parent support meetings with the SIDS Calgary Society to help manage our grief and seek out other parents who had experienced the same situation.  It was truly amazing to see how the small act of hosting a meeting for parents to come together and just share their situation had such a large and positive impact on their lives.  Watching that process happen and also learning more about what the SIDS Calgary Society was doing with regards to education and supporting various research initiatives really inspired me to join the board and help out. After working closely with the board for a few years, I was further inspired by how a small group of volunteers can make such a large impact on so many people’s lives. In 2004, I was voted in as Chair of the SIDS Calgary Society and continue in that role today.  It continues to be a privilege to work with such a dedicated, passionate and professional group of people that are so focused on our society’s mission.