Kara MacKayDirector

    Kara MacKay works in Calgary as a Public Health Inspector with Alberta Health Services, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science from the University of British Columbia and an Advanced Degree in Environmental Health. She has comprehensive knowledge and familiarity with the Public Health Act, its regulations and standards, has served on many multidisciplinary committees and was a non-parent board member of the Westmount Charter School from 2012-2014. In May of 2015, the unexpected death of her 5 year old daughter, Lucy, brought her to a grief workshop at the Alberta Children’s Hospital’s Rotary Flames House. It was here she met and ,came to know, several families who had experienced the loss of a young and whose death had been labelled as “Undetermined”. Through them she has grown increasingly aware of the overwhelming challenges facing those families and it’s Kara’s hope that her compassion, knowledge, experience and desire to make a difference will be a good addition to the Board.