SIDS Calgary Society is both a charity, and a support resource for grieving family members. SCS provides support to parents, children, grandparents and friends through events and group activities. These activities include fundraising and networking events for people who have been affected by SIDS to connect with others in similar situations.
SIDS Calgary Society provides a 24 Hour Hotline for anyone who needs support at any time of the day. The Hotline will provide either a parent who has experienced a similar situation, or a support person to help you through this difficult time. If you are struggling or need immediate help, please don’t hesitate to call for assistance (403) 265-SIDS (7437).
SIDS Calgary Society receives donations from generous Canadians to help in funding SIDS research in Alberta. SCS uses some of these proceeds to keep resources running such as the website resources and local events. The rest of the donations go towards SIDS research, how it can be prevented, and uncovering its mystery.